What Are The Key Elements To Create Explainer Videos Successfully?

//What Are The Key Elements To Create Explainer Videos Successfully?

What Are The Key Elements To Create Explainer Videos Successfully?

Explainer videos are great way to market your product or service. They are short, easy to understand, and genuinely focus on solving viewer’s problem. Sure, entertainment is the way to capture audience’s attention. That’s the reason; explainer videos are hit these days. Explainer videos have a simple yet effective format. They start by defining problem. Then, they explain why the problem needs to be solved. And, then finally offers solution in form of product or service.


Create your story in an exciting way. Grab a pen and piece of paper. Why you should start with story? Because, no one wants to be hit over the head with your product’s features, or how great your product or services are. Even, if it is awesome. They want to be drawn in by a story that relates to them, and shows them how your product or service is relevant to their circumstances.

Quality of Graphics

One of the key elements while making explainer video is quality of graphics. Many online tools provide their own graphic libraries, either free or ask for attribution.  Several tools allow you to upload your own. You can select the character which suits to your script and thread into your explainer video’s story. Examples of such online tools are Spark, Graphic River, and Freepik.

Central Character

To have a central character makes your video more relatable to the audience. Think about your target audience, who you want to appeal to. Animated explainer videos are effective in such way as they feature characters. And, reason of their effectiveness lies in the fact that human beings are naturally empathetic. They emotionally connect. So, if you can successfully connect them with your video’s character, you are more likely to sell your product or services to them for sure.

Recording Voiceover

After finalizing everything, it is the last step to do, at the same time equally important as others. Use a professional voiceover. Unless you have previously done recording and speaking, never try to do it yourself. Some affordable resources to get a professional voiceover are Fiverr, People per Hour, and Voices.com.  If you don’t have budget for a voiceover, then you can include your narration into on-screen text. You need text as well. You can’t rely only on audio narration. Since, most of the videos on Facebook are seen muted.



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