What Makes Your Explainer Videos Perform Well?

//What Makes Your Explainer Videos Perform Well?

What Makes Your Explainer Videos Perform Well?

When it comes to content marketing, one of the best things to do is to make an explainer video. Explainer videos are great because they describe complicated things in more simple and easy to understand way.

Explainer Video increases Awareness, Sales and Conversions. How?

Using explainer videos can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%. Since videos keep customers on your landing longer, and give more time to your marketing message to sink in. The main point is not all videos are created equal. Animated explainer videos come in all sorts of styles with each tailored to different audiences. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular techniques:

A screencast video is a simple low cost type of video. It showcases how your product or service works. They are more educational than branding. Other is cartoon style videos. They are all about story-telling mainly. They show that your company is the hero who solves your customer’s problems. They often include a humor factor, and are great for humanizing your brand. These videos get success for building trust with the characters represent various brand personas. For this reason, making of explainer videos with this style requires one to know all the demographics of target market. Carton-style video is a great choice if you target end-users, small businesses or startups.

Whiteboard animation – to make explainer videos is a super engaging technique. This is because the content is created in front of viewer’s eyes. These videos are great to explain complex information in a straight forward way, and ideal to market IT solutions.

With aforementioned styles, you have now better idea of what kind of video could work for your landing page to convert your audience.

Piece of Advice

Apart from choosing the right style to make explainer video for your business, the one important thing we suggest is to know how to hold conversation in your explainer video. If you’re hoping to improve revenue and conversion rates through writing about your product or services through blogs, white papers, brochures, and web content. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t help as such. Solely depending on textual content wouldn’t help you getting leads. People don’t bother to learn about your product this way. It will only result in distraction, boredom, and information overloaded. Short and interesting explainer videos help to persuade, entertain, inform and increase conversion rates. Instead of boring your clients with heavy texts, the explainer videos will urge your prospective clients to take action.

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